Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Clean Portabella Hamburger

Clean Portabella Hamburger
(1Red, 1Blue, 1Green)

One thing my husband loves (and me if I admit it to my self) is a good hamburger!  This is absolutely delicious.  I don't even miss the bun!!

Lean ground meat
Nice big portabella cap
Honey and Mustard

1. Measure meat into red container, take out, and make patty
2. Cook hamburger

3. Add Cheese while still cooking to melt
4. Grill portabella, and top with cooked patty
5. Cutup lettuce/tomato/onions/pickles
6. Drizzle with Honey mustard

  • If you want a bun, get a whole wheat bun (2 Yellows
  • If you want a side, you can do zucchini fries (1 GREEN), or sweet potato fries (1 Yellow)

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